I think that I am finished

Ahhh I am done!!! I am caught up on all the photos that I have taken as of late. I know that I am toting this as the monumental feat of the century but it some times seems that way. I reality the number of photos that I have taken is utterly pathetic compared to even two months ago, but there has been a great deal of things that have been devouring my time as of late. But anyway the George bushes photos are done, all the other ones that I have taken are done as well. I am just waiting for my computer to finish a batch conversion so I can burn them onto CD for them. I do hope that we can get out again before to long and do some more non stage photos. I vow to get out to more shows and do more band photos. I used to think that band photos were a little hokey and uninteresting but I am starting to really like the whole process of it and what have you. But anyway because I haven’t been taking many photographs as of late and I haven’t anything but band photos anyway I am going to dig out a few older shots that haven’t been posted.
This an exposure from a photo shoot that I did with Adam in the beginning of November. Ahh now that I think of it I haven’t finished those shots. Arrrg I guess I am not as caught up as I had thought. :)

7 Replies to “I think that I am finished”

  1. hey hey now, i do believe only kanga and I have seen him naked in this group! unless something happened at that photo shoot that I don’t know…
    and eclectic get your paws off my man! :)

  2. oops, roo. honest, didn’t know this was your man. way to go. he’s a beauty. and why can’t i noise on your blog? :)

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