I have decided to take up painting again. I even bought a new easel being that I wore my last one out. That takes some heavy use to do that really. :) I know you are all saying to yourself, again? When did you start/stop painting to begin with. Well way back when around the same time that I started blogging. I would spend my nights painting and being creative. I will dig out some of my fav’s and post some photos maybe. I haven’t looked in a long time so I may decide that they are all really awful and not to be shared with the Internet. I had this rad little corner in the kitchen of my old apartment that was filled with random messy artistic pursuits. I even used it as the backdrop for a short off the cuff film once. Let me dig that out some time.

I am also going to start writing again. Now I really know what you are saying right now. “hey I read your blog and there is little that is going on here that could be considered coherent writing.”  I agree with you on that one, however, I have to say in my defense that most of this blog is really first draft material and you are all really lucky if it was even proof read before that publish button was pressed. I will dig up some of my more polished works and see what is presentable for the 3 or 4 of you that skim my blog that I hence forth consider to be the masses. I sorta miss the days when I was always doing random artistic things all the time but being that I am crazy manic about some things I sorta dropped all of that stuff to put all my energies into photography.  I stopped watching, thinking about, or even thinking about thinking about film making thus I will describe my self as a former indie film maker.

6 thoughts on “I Like To Paint

  1. i remember how passionate you were about indie film making :) but i didn’t know you used to paint, how wonderful! i used to paint too ~ i should drag my easel up from the basement .. i really really should .. anyway, would love to see some of your paintings!

  2. I had forgotten how much i loved the smell of painting! Seriously the smell of Gesso and Acrylics it just make me feel… I don’t know at ease! Miranda says I paint the same thing all the time but I disagree, If I get a chance i will take some photos today and flickr/blog them. :)

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