I have been developing some old film

My building is awesome. If you haven’t heard me rave about our Amenities building before you will now. We have an awesome user run art building that contains pottery/wood/metal/print making/music studios as well a awesome darkroom that I help run. one of the things that we have acquired for the darkroom is the every lovely Epson V750 Film scanner.

This is a reasonably cost effective film scanner that will scan Negatives up to 8X10 and at way better quality then I could have imagined from a flatbed. I haven’t until recently had the opportunity to play with this magnificent beast until recently but I am super impressed with speed and quality!

I took this opportunity to develop a bunch of random rolls of film that I have had laying about (Truthfully I have a large box of undeveloped film some dating back to 2001) and I feel I should share.

This is from a trip to Tofino in 2009 (where we recorded the Tofino sessions)

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