But it will have to wait until tomorrow!

So I have been taking a lot of photos over the last couple of days, & I have so many exciting things to post about, but I have been busy with stuff! So as opposed to not blogging at all I am going to toss some night photo stuff up instead that is from the archives of the institute.

(edit Friday March 14th) OK I am just going to rant a little bit here!!! This is NOT I repeat NOT HDR!!! It is in fact as shot save a bit of dodging and burning and a bit of de-saturation in the sky (it was more tungsten then it is right now) I am never doing more to my photos then can achieved in the darkroom of old. Trust me I have one and I use it with the same results. So please please stop emailing me asking about what HDR program I used on this photo, what Photoshop filter is used for this etc…. I use curves, Levels, layermasks, and the Dodge/Burn tools!!! That and a proper exposure!

Night Photos

This is a random fire truck that is under the iron workers bridge! I am not particularly pleased with this shot but this was moments before we the most passive ‘bugger off this is private property‘ that I have ever received!

Night Photos

Random stove sitting on the side of the road near a cat that loved lasers!


This place reeked of fish!!

There you Go! We will return to our regular blogging tomorrow!

1 thought on “I Have A Full Metric Tonne of Stuff to Tell/Show You!

  1. we don’t do random fun photo adventures anymore :(

    that was the most passive “you might get killed if you hang around here” I’ve ever heard.

    HDR rants are awesome.

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