I normally have rule about street photos in the hood (I live here so I can call it that) buuuuuutttttttt if there is a great opportunity I have to take the photo :)?
Koa, Doogie & I (Corbin made me bring it up on a map and decided it was too far so refused to come) went for a walk to @thelabvancouver to get the last of my ‘to be developed‘ bucket done…

I guess I might need to explain that a little. For almost 20 years now , everytime I shoot a roll of film I stick it in the ‘to be developed’ bucket and there it sits until it gets developed. In some cases I have undeveloped film in the bucket that is almost 20 years old. Well now with Covid I am clearing out the bucket.

So we have done all the Black & White here and now for the colour we made the trek to the lab where I found this photo waiting for me to take it. ?