I am super excited today for all sorts of reasons.  I meet with a new model today that I am excited to work with her, I have shoots lined up this week and next with all sorts of exciting ideas floating about. I have five rolls of film awesome that will be ready to be picked up in an hour or two! I have a mostly free day tomorrow (as long as I get my shit together today) and Cypress has gotten a fresh 15cm of snow in the last 24 hours on top of the 15-20cm it got over the weekend.  The dot com of for the bands website came available, and I was able to snag it.  The Zoom H4 is super awesome in many ways, and I was feed a chocolate croissant this morning by the ever awesome Tracy. So ya super excited!!

It may also have something to do with the chocolate and the 3 (working on the 4th) ridiculously large coffees that I have already had while being out and about as well as the better part of a pot that I drank at home, but I am choosing to disregard that all and just be excited for the sake of excitement.
Even hanging out in a truck on Broadway for an hour while M meets with some of her cult members and the fact that I have a tonne of work to do today can do nothing to ruin my excitement!
In fact even the fact that the rewind motor on the EOS 3 bit the dust on Friday when it jammed while rewinding some redscale can do little to temper my mood (: I am off to Burnaby after all the Kool-Aid had been drunk over here to hit the other lab, but then it is all about the working for me!! I did pick up some other random film when I was dropping of Friday awesomeness and discovered that a few of my midnight x-pro selfies worked out kinda awesome.  I am so excited to see what comes of the Tungsten film xpro that I took on Friday.

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