I was up till 3ish last night getting a handle on the 1000’s of photos that I am behind on. When I say thousands I mean that for real, for example the months of March April and May has net me over 4700 exposures from various things and I haven’t even begun to go though the most of them. This new camera has increased the number of shots that I am taking as well so I am going to be bloody screwed if I don’t get on top of things. I am still tiring to get cd’s out to models that I had in February and I haven’t even looked at the shots form Vancouver (we have been back for almost a month) I have no idea how to make things go faster, I am going though these photos as quickly as possible I am using two computers and working on two files at a time and still way behind :) oh well I don’t have a blog so I can bitch and moan. Maybe I will get a third and forth computer and set them all up and work on a whole bunch of files at the same time. :) I can be the hyper super photo editing man :) It would be good times. Any way I am at work right now But I am almost done for the day so I will sign off with this photo.

No story or anything it is just a photo from an alley near my home. taken with the new camera :)