So it has been a while since we have had a Weekly update, and that isn’t because we haven’t been doing anything. It is instead because we have been doing everything!

So many things going on and we are so excited about all of them, but it has been hard to take the time to share that excitement with you! That stops today! I have enlisted the help of everyone who would let me enlist them to bring you this update

Truly if you want to get the skinny on what we have been up to this entire time definitely watch our live launch! We announced our presence to the world with a live party and everyone was invited!

The ever lovely Georgia in the always articulate Noah lead us through and evening of live music as well as Quick teasers & interviews from all the the people and all of our ongoing projects! And of course Sean being Sean!

It was an unbelievable experience producing and operating a live event to the Internet with nothing but a couple of cameras and a computer we were able to send our message out to at least tens of people! Definitely check that out here.


Brandon’s Night Out
Winter’s project Brandon’s night out is in the can and just needs to be edited! We shot the final scenes on a pic up day at her home. Basically we had a couple of things that in the first cut we wanted to clarify and re-take so we scheduled a pic up day to capture that!! I am super excited for this to get edited!

The Paint Job
Things are pretty much the same with Dan’s The Paint Job, It is a hilarious story about an evening of drinking and pranks that have got array. All the filming has happened with that and we are basically at the editing stage! So hopefully that can happen soon!

The film that really badly needs a name has been trucking along in earnest as much as we can muster with such a large cast and tight busy schedules, next filming day will be on the 13th for that! Super excited to see how that continues to work.

Descended is nearly all filmed we’ve had some setbacks in timing when it comes to the post production work but we have the wonderful Zakim which is a who is a professional Editor by trade and is helping us out on this and other projects which is fantastic because it frees me personally up to do more filming and coordination and as well it helps remove the editing bottleneck that we currently have

There is way more going on here but this is what we have time for!

One of the things that we are most excited about is this year’s rode reel contest has come around again. For those that remember as far back as six months ago we originally started writing a couple of our projects with the intent of entering them in last year’s rode reel contest. The difficulty of course is that we didn’t know about last year’s rode reel contest until there was only 19 days left to submit. We originally started with a film noir project that was far too complicated to do in that period of time so then we went to what we thought was a simpler idea of how to fence a parrot also far too complicated of an idea in that time frame so we settled on writer’s block which is still a very complicated idea but much less than the other one hilariously writer’s block 6 months later is still not actually finished. So there is a certain level of hilarious dramatic irony involved in that. This year however we are set and ready we have until June 1st to submit our entries and as a group we are going to try and enter as many awesome things as we can.

Speaking earlier of film noir there is a 72 hour film noir contest happening in mid-april. And being that our core group of polka dot rocket was born from the 48 hour run and gun aka unit 1 which you can watch here, we are super excited about this contest. When we did unit 1 we didn’t have much in terms of Editor and post folk but this year we will have Zakim as a dedicated Editor as well we will potentially have a sound Editor. So looking at the 48 hours that we originally had done we only had me to do filming and editing which limited what could be done in our time frame but this is super exciting for will have dedicated people to these tasks and a whole additional hunk of time.

So Much happening and so much to try and fit into a single update so I won’t :)