So on a hot day like today I think it is best to show photos of snow!! We shot a Wedding today that was awesome and air conditioned  We also received the latest gift from Memory Express; our NAS servers and more Hard Drives arrived yesterday and they look like little pigs,

serous they need to be pink and have a nose, ears, and a tail. I am not one to say that computer hardware is cute but I am here. All is good with them thus far… the software is kind of convoluted, but that sort of thing can be over come. Hard drives fit snuggly in the aluminum case (To snuggly almost I had to stick one of the servers in the freezer for 20 min to contract the drives so it could fit.) They dissipate heat super well, one can cook on the heat fins on top and bottom. They are as fast as expected for 10/100 about (10 min a gig or so) Thus far all seems well with them.