The other day Coaxial says to me that he has a surprise on route to me. I was like “what is it?” and he was like “It is a surprise!” and I was like “I hate fucking surprises! What is it?” and he was all like “Shut the hell up it is a surprise you jerk.” and I was like “I know that I am a Jerk but I am a jerk that likes surprises about as much as restaurants that happen to be filled with whining/screaming ill behaved 4 year old shit machines, so i demand that you tell me what it is.” He said “its a book from the UK you rotten ass! Are you happy? I go out of my way to be nice and get you an undeserving present and you have to go and be a jerk and ruin it.” You really are a Jerk.”

I present you with the ‘surprise’ book.

So thanks to both Coaxial and Lomokev for the book.  For those that don’t know who Lomokev is you should check him out on flickr or better yet buy his book.

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