Holy Cow was Yesterday a busy Day. I mean it was busy enough that I didn’t get to post here at all. Well the day started with me getting up at one of those god awful hours again. This time it was 8:00AM Crazy eh? Then I went out to FAVA and picked up the camera, lights and all the equipment Tool them to Cory’s Place and then off to school I was bound. From there I when back to Cory’s Place and Filmed. This job is gonna be the best I think. The Money is one thing but to be actually doing the filming Will be far more worth it. I am going to start making plans on SS6 soon as well. That should be quite cool. I am going to fund this new endeavor out of TFA money. That will be quite cool indeed. So today is looking to be about as busy. This morning I AGAIN Got up at that god awful hour of 8:30AM and went over to Cory’s to do the Tear Down. Back off to FAVA I was. Then to school. Miranda decided that she wasn’t going to go to jasper today as she had planned. I feel bad because I know that she really wanted to, and I am sure that there is reasons other then the ones that she said why she isn’t going. But Oh well what can you do I can’t force her to go and she has said that she will go next week. I really think that it would be really good for her to go and be by herself for a while. Any way I am off to class now. Later.