Holy bloody Cow This weekend was just a tad busy. J Saturday Was Filming At Cory’s And Natasha’s Place. That was really cool but I was there all day LOL I then Came home and Rendered the files out to give them back to him but the quality wasn’t the greatest so I am doing it again LOL It is still Rendering as we Speck this Monday Morning Its Been going for like 6-7 hours LOL. Oh what is this Sound I here Sounds Like my coffee in finished being made………..Ahhhhhhh Coffee WOW I have said it once and I will say it again. Coffee is really good and whom ever Invented it Whomever discovered that when you take a bunch of the beans and Grind them up and pour hot water though them I a person that I Applaud.
Any Way Morning routine time is taking over so I will write after school.