So there are hobos everywhere you go in Vancouver! I can be in crack town, Kits, West Broadway, or in Yale town, and there will be a hobo or two yelling about something or nothing in particular. It’s funny because before we moved here I sorta had this idea that hobos were around Hastings and Main and that was it. In Edmonton there was hobos downtown and White Ave! Generally not anywhere else. You wouldn’t go to lets say South Edmonton Commons and be accosted by hobos. There wasn’t a hobo standing outside of the chapters on Calgary trail asking for change as you left, they were mostly congregated around Whyte and Downtown.

Hobos anywhere you go!

Here even on the posher beaches you have random hobo guy (not the guy on the bench) I was wandering around when the din of a hobo caterwauling about something hit my ears. At first I didn’t even flinch, but then I realized that I am not in Gastown. I am in fact on a beach on the other side of town. Looking past the guy on the bench there was a hobo with a little dingy sized row boat, a rock, and something (unannounced to anyone else) to yell about. I didn’t take a photo because it wasn’t that interesting at the time.

2 thoughts on “Hobos. Hobos, everywhere!

  1. At least it wasn’t a Hobo with a Shotgun!

    This morning during my run I saw three sexy female cops busting a hobo/drug addict on Davie.

  2. LOL. Did you get any phone numbers :) That would be hot eh! What would your pick up line be…. So you come here and bust hobo’s often…


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