So today is the day that we begin our epic 30 days of traveling.  I have to admit that I am kind of nervous about so many things! I am nervous that we are going to have random trouble getting into Cuba with all the camera gear! I am nervous that our cats are going to have some sort of catastrophic issue when we are gone.  I am nervous that they are going to be mad at me when I take the car in for the last time and that the Xterra Deal will hopelessly fall though.  I haven’t been this nervous since we moved out to BC a few years back.  Well if that whole experience taught me anything it is that we will survive and we will have fun!

As mentioned in a few I am going to take off to the north shore and deliver them the versa.  They will keep it and when we get back the Xterra will be waiting for us in all its yellow shiny glory!! I am so giddy about the Xterra that I am not sure what I am more excited about Cuba or the Local Traveling Adventure that we will have when we get back! But if all goes to plan this should be a traveling year for The Jerk!