Hanging Out In Hospitals

I have as of late been getting quite used to hanging out in hospitals and all I really have to say about it all is that the coffee is quite good, and the wi-fi is not :) I have nothing really to say because my life has been mostly about painting the studio and dealing with studio/house type things.  I am so unbelievably behind on all things work/home related that even with outsourcing and hired cleaners I am not really sure how I am going to really ever catch up.  I am floundering about like a drunk dolphin and it seems I am not getting anything productive done, but at the end of the day I am totally wiped.  Hopefully if I can get a few uninterrupted days in front of the computer I can get caught up, and learn to breath again.

In other news after we snagged J&S from the airport we (the whole north shore crew and us) went to The Raven for pizza and beer.  That place has the world’s best pizza!!! I swear! Its funny cause i am never really hungry when we go there but I always order a pizza with the intentions of taking the excess home with me, but the pizza is so good that you just keep eating it and by the time you go home you only have two pieces left  :) All in all good times I suppose.

I again am going to prattle on about how I can’t wait for Snowboard Season to come again!!! This week I think I will go ahead and buy my seasons pass and get that all worked out!! I am sooo stoked to spend as much time as possible on the hill this year!! I got all my gear by the end of season last year so all I need now is some snow!!

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