So I have a blog post that I have been working on for a while to talk about Northern voice but I have way to much that I want to say all at once and as such it hasn’t been completed and won’t till maybe Monday! So then as apposed to blasting a ridiculously long post out after it’s all done (that everyone would have scrolled quickly past in their rss reader so it shows as being read. I know you do and I am ok with it) I figure I can bust it up into small non-chronological posts.

Northern Voice
Northern Voice is cool I thought it was going to be not unlike Cheers (the tv show from the 80’s not the shout of encouragement or approval) where everyone knows everyone else’s name and they are all friends. I feared that I was going to be that guy that sat at the table by the door in one episode smack in the middle of season 3, the guy that had a fleeting moment of fame in the background boca as the camera followed Frasier from the door to his usual perch on the left side of the bar! I was worried that there was going to an in crowd that I wouldn’t be a part of so why bother. It so isn’t that way at all!