Hangin in the Pearson Airport

So we are waiting for our plane from the great `TO` to Vancouver, and I have managed to catch up on posted all my off line blogs. I thought now what? Well I guess I will blog anew. We should be in Vancouver around 11pm to midnightish. (Pacific Time) I have a very large bottle of rum, an ugly but cheap watch, some of the best trinkets/jewelry that I could find in the off tourist season. Ohhh and cigars I have a few of those as well. I am desperately looking forward to a shower to wash the ocean off me. We did our TTD session and immediately changed clothing and left so I have that salt water crusty feeling going on right now. It and the now peeling sunburn have turned into the sunburn/salt water itch. They are loading our plane in about 20 min so I will go ahead and post some photos.
Photos from our day trip to Caibarién

Photos from our day trip to Caibarién

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  1. you can be lazy when youre magic. but i think you can look magic if youre crazy. but i suspect you are the shtrait up potion.

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