Ok I know that this photo blog has turned into a Guitar Hero blog.!!! You see I will have a documented path to look back at when I decide that it all went wrong somehow but alas! Alright if you thought that guitar hero was an awesome game then Rock Band will blow your mind I know that it did for me. I seriously foresee no work getting done ever again! But it will be ok because I will be a rocker and I will rock out! You get to play as a band and you can start to hear everything come together in one sweet united session of group rocking out. It is so cool except I can’t play the drums evidently :) Tanya was lucky enough to snag a copy/kit from bestbuy so we went over and played! So cool!

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  1. i have no idea what to wear tomorrow and i am so excited to play rock band… in not knowing what to wear i mean i am OUT of ironic t-shirts!! what WILL I DO???

    you should join twitter :)

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