From a delica window
This was shot from the backseat of Coaxial’s moving Delica.  I love being in a car (or in this case crazy a Japanese import) and taking photos of things as they go by. You get this shot from a car photo today in honor of the possible last day of the versa.  We took the versa in today to have the door handle fixed and they weren’t sure if it would be done by the turn it back over to Nissan day. So it is possible that this was the last little trip with the Versa. I hope not though because the car we got while it is in the shop is the most getto thing I have driven in a long time, and that is saying a bit because I have driven some really crappy cars.

Ani Difranco was bloody awesome last night. Sadly you get no photos or anything because they were searching bags and the door and I was in no mood to smuggle in a camera, but suffice to say she was awesome as expected.

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