So here I am at work again waiting for them to send me home early, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it is not going to happen any time soon. I am getting prepared to go to Vancouver in the upcoming week; I am so stoked about going, In fact I am getting prepared and starting to book out my week while I am there. I think that I am going to have to drive most of the night to maximize our time in Vancouver. I figure if we leave the city at 4:30ish and drive till about 3 or 4 in the morning, have a nap and then start driving in the morning as early as possible like 7 or 8 am we should make it in to Vancouver for noonish. That should work in theory it is only about 1250 km’s :) But we all know how theory works. I mean the constant stops for fuel are going to take forever. It isn’t that our car (the Beetle) is bad on fuel; in fact we are getting close to 30mpg last we checked (a far cry from the golf) it however has the smallest gas tank ever but in a car. Lawnmowers, and motorbikes have bigger tanks it has a 30-litre tank! 30! That is slightly more then a couple of jerry cans In fact the 10 litre can that I am going to fill and put in the boot will be 1/3 of our tank. To make matters worse we cant run the car dry for the last time that happened it was two weeks of hell tiring to get the car to run right. So we have to fill up when it is getting anywhere close to low so we in reality have a 20-litre tank. So suffice it to say that we will be stopping often for gas.
I am very excited about working with some models while I am out that way as well. I am currently working to book at least two models in Vancouver and hope to hook up with some in Victoria as well. I am also working to get makeup & hair artists to assist as well. It all could turn out to be a scheduling nightmare but we will see. I am also totally excited about going out to Botanical Beach. I remember the last time that we were there it was cool indeed. When we walked to the beach the last time there was a thick fog that was rolling in of the ocean and the view that you get when you walk in to the area was a perfect picture that I am hoping will be there again. Not to mention that I am going to fill my laptop with macros of sea creatures in the tide pools and all the other cool things in the area. I have to remember to find the tide info for the area because I also remember the last time that we went we had to do a whack of wading in the ocean because we weren’t paying attention to the tides. I remember that I say this one place where there was nothing but a perfectly flat spot that had small tide pools in it and a 30 to 50 foot wall. It was loads of fun climbing about there. Well any way I am going to shut up and do something else. I am not sure what maybe read some indecline.