Now I haven’t posted a lot of actual words this year. (seriously be happy that i’ve posted anything at all) but do actually I have a lot of things to talk about. A big one is This years East Side Culture Crawl. For those that are not in the know about Culture Crawl; SHAME ON YOU!! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE ONCE IN A WHILE!! GEEEZZZE!! :) According to the website the East Side Culture Crawl is…

“A FREE 3-day visual arts phenomenon. This event involves more than 10,000 people visiting artists in their studios in the area bounded by Main Street and Victoria Drive north of First Avenue in Vancouver, Canada.”

That all said IT IS AWESOME! You should probably instantly drop everything and plan out how to visit as many of the 336 artists over the three days as you can. Seriously don’t just half assed not even bother to plan, and end up only going to one of the the 4 or 5 buildings that have the most artists in a single afternoon sometime between a late breakfast and an early dinner and then say ‘we went’ & that ‘you saw what Culture Crawl has to offer!’ Do that on Friday, then go street hoping on Saturday and then go to as many other places as you can on Sunday. Then once you are nearly as exhausted and the rest of us only then can you you say you have truly experienced the Crawl and you will be happier for it :)

As I started this long diatribe out with, We, (we being my darling wife and I) are participating for the first time this year. mostly because this is the first time we have lived in the neighbourhood and been remotely prepared to think about participating :) That said, I am no where near prepared for anything of the sort & nor is my house really :)

We live in our house and as such we are totally fine right now with large unfinished pieces of random plywood leaning against Ikea cupboards as room dividers. My idea of clean is simply get all the junk off the floor in some way & hurray we have achieved clean. :) Needless to say there are more the a few house projects that need to be done for what is rapidly becoming next week

That is not to mention all the projects that we need to do to basically have something to display for the crawl

I have been mixing up photography & table saws and I have a few really intereting projects that if all goes according to plan I will have it all displayed up on our wall for all you to see when you come.

I apoligize for instagram photos as I havent bothered to take a ‘real’ camera down to the woodshop. These get the point across though :)

I have also been attempting to mix photography with ceramics

That is 1/2 tone of clay. The Xterra was so loaded! :)


Oh and also My Friend Lisa will be rocking out at our studio (times to be decided)

OH YA and this is only me! My darling wife will have all of her awesomeness displayed up as well!!!


Oh ya I will have some film screenings happening

um…. there is more I am sure

we might bake cookies



here is a handy leaflet that you can email around or link to!!