Just a few photos taken in and around my lovely DTES hood.

Papst Tall Cans for only $4.25!! Thank you The Met pub for painting this on the side of the building! I had know idea!

I think that there is a bottle depot on hastings that you actually access via an unmarked door in the alley. First i couldn’t figure why there was so many shopping carts in the the alley. Then I saw a man trying to get a bottle laden cart though the aforementioned unmarked door.

A rusty barrel in the ever entertaining alley outside our studio. I say that it is Ever entertaining mostly because there is always something interesting to watch involving the alley. Whether it is large trucks that don’t really fit trying to fit in the alley or screaming hobos interacting with absolutely no one very loudly. Perhaps it is the fauxtograpers that do really interesting things with ‘models’ or confused cars looking for 1 Gore ave.