Yuppers here we are hanging at the free gastown drive-in theatre (and i am blogging via iphones). Once again for those not in the know, there is a 100% free drive-in on the roof of the gastown easypark parkade, & tonight they are playing Eve & The Fire Horse for our viewing pleasure. I can not say enough good about this whole idea. The drive-in is almost one of these things that you would hear when your old grand pappy starts talking about when the subject of the good old days. It is super fun, so being that I think that this is the last one, people should come on down. You don’t need a car for this drive-in cause there is a whole seating area set up as well. It is awesome tonight cause we have all sorts of room and extra seats.  we have invited a tonne of peeps though out all of these drive-in nights but no one has taken advantage of it till tonight that is. D even reserved his car in and such and we have a little section of the place, all and all it will be good times.

2 thoughts on “Gastown Drive = Awesome

  1. Gastown Drive = Awesome
    What a great idea. Have they been doing this on a weekly basis? Is there somewhere you can check out more info on the showings?

    I stumbled on your flickr images today and I’ll keep checking in on your site and your flickr account. R.

  2. Unfortunately they were just doing a limited run of movies and it is done at this time. :( but we can hope that they are going to do them again next year!

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