Fun Fun

Well here it is Wednesday and I at Yup You guessed it Work. 7:00 Am at work :) It is far to early to be at work I think but well the time goes by very quickly.

I have some new flashes that are on order and they Left NEWARK, NJ at 7:47 this morning. We ordered two canon 550EX’s and a ST-E2 Transmitter. These are the end all and be all of on camera on location Flashes, & we got them in anticipation of a wedding that we have next weekend that may have a multitude of low light situations. They are so cool, let me geek out on technology and talk about them for a minute. These are what we call E-TTL flashes which means Evaluative through the lens metering, & how they work is this. SLR Cameras have an internal light meter that measure the reflected light that is coming of a subject and suggests the appropriate settings that would give a good exposure. Now this is a highly simplified version of modern TTL Metering systems, for they are far more complex on how they determine what light you want to capture and what light you do not. (an example is a white wedding dress and a black tux, because they reflect light in different intensities it depends on what area you take your measurement from or the exposure can be way off.) Now older flashes you have to use a formula to figure out exposure. The Film speed (ISO), the Flash Rating, the lens arpature, the Distance to subject and a moment to figure out. The Canon 550EX’s are cooler then this because they can talk to the camera and use the light meter in the camera and it be controlled via a on camera transmitter. You can do lighting ratios and all kinds of other great stuff. I could go on for ever but I am sure that I have bored most of you. Needless to say they are uber cool flashes and they should be here tomorrow if they clear customs.
I had another Photo shoot With Twilla yesterday. This was an out and about photo shoot that was good times. She brought her sister along to help haul the stuff around and for company. We wandered around downtown and changed in Second cups and Starbucks bathrooms. There is a lot of people that think that these coffee house chains are bad but I think as an out and about photographer there is much to be said about a clean change room every 3 or 4 blocks :) I accidentally deleted one of my gig flash cards before I was able to dump it to the Jobo which is a lot of photos and a lot of time but, Miranda and I spent a couple of hours last night trying out different file recovery programs till we got all the data from the flash card. Interestingly enough I had a hard Drive start to bite it this week, so I exchanged it on warranty. I ghosted my drive over to the new one and got it all set up and ready to go. So yesterday morning I turn on the computer and the new drive was clunking and not winding up at all. So I had to take that drive back as well. I however had already f-disked the drive that I ghosted over so we had to spend a bunch of time recovering the data of that drive as well. I tell ya the laughs never end at the jerks Residence.

I also met with Andria for coffee yesterday. We have planned a fun night time shoot for Friday so I get to try out the fancy flashes and such it should be good times and I am sure that we will be sufficiently harassed by security. Good times will ensue

The golf got new tyres yesterday and is going in for window tinting on Friday. It is almost ready for its cross Canada adventure. I really need to clean it out before Friday maybe after I get off work today.

I Plan to have coffee with Roy tonight which is good times, He calls all the time and I am always busy so I making sure that I have the time tonight.

Man I need to get cat food, I got up this morning and the kittens were patiently looking at me with pleading eyes. It is not like they are starving or anything they just have no wet food. But man you would think that I was feeding them rotten cabbage by the way they act. I love Cats :)