Well so here it is I am supposed to be able to type as bloody fucking much as I want! At least that is what my doctor has decided to tell WCB which apparently has influenced there mother fucking decision to deny the whole claim. Get this they think that increased typing and repetitive strain should have made me immune to such things as Carpel tunnel! IMMUNE! They feel there has to be something else that caused this injury if there is any injury to mother fucking begin with. So if that is the case I should be able to get though this entire god damn entry and it should make my wrists better in the end now shouldn’t it. Stupid mother fucking system. What pisses me off more then anything is that they took a month and a half to fucking tell me this pile of stupid bull shit. I was just at the doctor on Monday, and my mother fucking doctor didn’t feel the need to tell me any of this shit that he apparently decided to tell the WCB. He just kept saying that I shouldn’t use the keyboard and what not. Fucker!! What gets me is they have had me going to physio three times a week, now these visits are supposed to covered by WCB but if my claim is not accepted that incurred debt of all 12 to 15 visits turns to me. Now our insurance from work will cover it but what would happen if it wasn’t covered? Not only have I been not working for almost 2 months I have incurred a massive debt with my physiotherapist, for something that I am supposed to be immune to! FUCKERS! Well I typed 255 words and I don’t feel any better?? I don’t understand I thought that the repetitive strain of typing would strengthen my wrists and make it all better. Mmm funny.

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