Working on Per’s Last Shoot. I see that I used the 300mm lens almost exclusively and you can really see the difference in the quality of the shots. I have been shy of this lens since I got the canon 10D because of the whole multiplier thing. Oh I Just realized that most of you have no Idea what I am talking about :) Well in a nutshell because the Canon 10D has a smaller “film plate” then a 35mm camera (its 24mm I think) the focal length is slightly different. There is what they call a 1.6X multiplier on whatever lens you have on it, so my 70 to 300mm lens becomes a 112 to 480mm lens. So this can makes it hard to fit everything in sometimes. :) However, I think that I am going to just back up more because I really like the look of these shots.

Camera: Canon EOS Canon 10D
ISO: 200
Shutter: 1/125 sec
Aperture: f 16
Lens: 75-300mm @75mm
Date Taken: Oct 17 2003