I was cleaning up a little on friday when I cam across one of my polaroid tins. You see we ship prints, cd’s and such in these snazzy tin containers,

but when one of them is dented or otherwise not fit to send to a client it gets delegated to ride around in my camera bag protecting polaroids on photowanders. So I found one of these the other day & to my surprise there was a whack of polaroids in it that I have never scanned in to share.

So here I am now sharing them with you! :)

Bridal falls

Where I got turned around on the Coquihalla because of crappy tires and lots of snow.

I think were the last of some Polaroid Type 80 Pack film that I had. Shot on the Mamiya RB67 With I am guessing a 90mm lens for the first one and a 50mm lens for the second.  I am quite amazed at how much these faded since I took them in November. I had to bring a lot of contrast  back when I scanned them in because they were nearly faded right out to grey in spots.


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Polaroids

  1. Hey! :) I was searching across the web for some kind of minimal, utilitarian tin to store polaroids in, and stumbled across your Forgotten Polaroids post (June 12). Where do you obtain your tins for your business? They truly are snazzy and I’d love to buy something like that to keep my precious polaroids in. Awesome photos by the way!


  2. Hey Caitlin

    Thanks so much for the question and the comments.
    We generally grab these online where ever they are cheapest but here at this site they are reasonably priced & it looks like they don’t have a minimum order so you can buy just one or two.


    I would recommend a couple though because i find that they do get beat up a lot in my camera bag. and i often forget/can’t find one when I am going for a walk, so an extra that always lives in your bag is always helpful :)

    The jerk

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