First Roll From The Pentacon sixTL

You may remember a while back around the end of April that I posted about my trek to the Vancouver Camera Show n’ Swap in which I procured a Pentacon six TL Medium Format Camera.  You may also recall that I had loaded the camera with some colour film and that I hoped to shoot it off and have it developed before going to Cuba.  Well that didn’t even come close to happening but I did manage to finish that roll off last week, and I have finally scanned the images in to share with you all.

there are three exposures are overlapping here

and at least two here that ended up being on the very end of the roll so they get the clip though them from the dip and dunk

My initial thoughts on this camera? It is a cheap and easy way to get into medium format photography but still keep it simple like most older 35mm, but it isn’t at all like shooting with lets say a well built Mamiya RB67 by any stretch of the imagination. There is of course no such thing as an interchangeable film back so much like 35mm there is no mid roll film changes. The quality of the images and the lens is great, as you tend to get with even the cheapest 6×6 camera’s. (excluding the main soldiers in the plastic revolution of course) However, the inability to reliably wind from shot to shot with out over lap (as illustrated above) leaves a bit to be desired :)

What do I think after shooting this roll? It is a camera with great potential but it is a little difficult to get sharp focus, as it lacks a split screen finder, and the frame overlap is a pain if you care about that sort of thing. :)  All in all it isn’t as good out of the gate as say my Seagull was but i think with some love it could take some awesome photos.

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