Friday, June 21, 2002

So today is the first full day on our vacation. It started about 4:30ish Alberta time with a lovely serenade of trucks, cars, and trains at the awfulness that is the crappy campsite that we had the complete displeasure of finding at 11 O’clock last night. So that is all good I can live with that. On the plus side the office was neither open when we arrived nor when we left so it was a free evening of hell at least :) So we were making good time and we made it to Kolona by 9:00 but we had a slight issue with the brakes that we had to have it repaired so that sort of set us back to hours but we ended up with a walking tour of the Semi industrial area of Kalowna so it was a whack if cheap entertainment indeed. So with the car repaired and such we went back on our way to Van. We pulled in at around Four in the afternoon which is still great time, and came to D&T’s. SO after a bit of time talking with Teresa and Dana we decided that the 30ish + heat was a little much and we went for a cool drink down the road. Darren came in around 6ish and after a great dinner at the crazy Russian cuisine place we went for a walk at Spanish Banks, a beach that was filled with crazy beach type people all doing their own thing here and there. I happened to maybe possiblely start talking about Capitalism and Communism and the down fall of our society Via the media though. : ) I really have to relax when I have a new audience LOL
Any who its 11:30 BC Time and I am beat so off to bed with me. Tomorrow it is Bike ride at Stanley park among other things.

Sunday, June 23, 2002
So here we are in the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal and we are getting ready to board the ferry. It was so cool we just drove up and bought our ticket and drove up no line ups or anything it was so cool. So we should be boarding soon any way. So yesterday was a cool day. We started the day by going to “Bert’s” for breakfast and coffee, followed by loading Teresa’s bike up on our car with our bike and going to Stanley park. Man that is a pretty decent place. There is all kind of trails and the sea wall was a great bike trip. I ended up getting lost and biking like 20 some KM so It was fun none the less. We went back to D&T’s and hung about there for a while. Bought a pizza and Cheese cake. We even tried to catch a movie at 8 but it was sold out. So we went to this cool place for coffee and talked about the old days for a while and went back to the apartment. So anyway Dana had this fit about the fact that no one was waiting for her in the apartment to let her in and that there was all these people around because Apparently the entire world is supposed to revolve around her and as far as I could tell It didn’t :).
So we are in the ferry now getting close to the Island and we are in our car waiting to get off. So it should be good times indeed. We will hook up with the M&J and such

Wednesday , June 26, 2002
So here I am in this really cool Bed and Breakfast in Tofeno. It is quite cool indeed complete with hot tub and such. So to give a run down of what’s been happening over the last couple days. So Sunday after noon we got in to Victoria and hooked our self’s up with a campsite out at the Gold Stream Provincial Campsite. It is a great campsite that is always quiet and not to hard on the pocket book. After we had set up camp we ran back in to Victoria and hooked up with M&J. We sat around there house for a while and shot the shit about what’s new and such till it got a bit late and we fired back to our campsite to retire for the Evening.

Monday, June 24, 2002
Monday was a day that was almost completely devoted to Geo Caching and a couple of repairs to our car :) we found about four Geo Caches all through out Victoria and Area, and finally fixed that nasty ass cooling fan in our car. The Thing with Geo Caches is that the they are a great way to see an area that you are completely unfamiliar with. You get to see a park or a wilderness area that some one else thought was cool enough that they wanted to let others know about it by setting up a geo Cache there. So there are many pictures of our Caching trips about Victoria.

Tuesday, June 24, 2002
On Tuesday we got up and packed up our site at Gold Stream early in the morning and we fired of into Victoria for a 10Am Whale Watching exertion. We Arrived a little behind schedule and found parking in the inner harbor and then found the correct change for this newly found parking, signed our life away in the Whale Watching place and We donned the bright red Life Suits. After a moment or two we were in a Zodiac and we were under way. We went around the harbor and in to the Juan defuca straight I think (Although I Could be wrong) and saw a pod of Orcas swimming away as well as a whole crowd of dolphins. It was a good time all in all. So we came inland about 11ish just in time to have a very much needed lunch at the Swordfish Restaurant. I really cant say enough about this place. It is a small floating Caf? type place that is on the water in the inner harbor in Victoria. It is a place that Miranda and I joined Mike and Julie that last time we were in Victoria. So with lunch taken care of we went to a cyber caf?. Miranda Did work type stuff for a while and we grabbed some more Geo Caches basically did everything that we could while online. Late that afternoon we found some beach to sit at and enjoy the ocean for a while. We phoned up Joy and Matt to see what was up there. The Night Of Drinking that ensues is of the caliber of the old days in Calgary. We ended up going to a beach near Joy and Matt’s place where Dave Tricky (Naked Dave) Lived up to his title. He did so by Striping naked in a flash and then stumbling around drunk for a while in the buff. All the while we were hoping and hollering about what have you. We totally thought that the police were on there way. We finally decided that maybe we would fire on back to Matt and Joys house, a trip that Dave did naked, and mellow out to sleep and such.

Wednesday, June 25, 2002
The next morning we went to this cool place in downtown Victoria called The Dutch Bakery for breakfast. Once we had completed the eating gig we said our good byes to the Waller’s, Dave, & Darren and we left on our way for Tofino stopping in Nanimo for a Geo Cache on the way. We got to Tofino just in time for it to start pouring rain :) so with a bit of searching and a few phone calls we found this quaint little bed and breakfast Place called “Jensen’s Bay B&B” and well after a fine meal at a restaurant in Tofino we checked in and had a great evening. Miranda hung out in the hot tub for a while, while I wrote this down.

Thursday, June 27, 2002
We it is Thursday morning and Miranda and I are in the B&B having Breakfast, and man what a break fast that is. The serve this really cool continental style breakfast with smoked salmon and fruit galore. That is not to mention the abundance of yogurt and coffee as well. So Today we are going to check out some things about in the area and maybe find either a campsite or another hotel room for this evening We will see how that goes.