First Day

So here I am at my first real day of work :) It has been fine and the first call jitters are leaving slowly. I think that this whole 611 thing ill be a breeze and if it ever gets boring I just have to think about the 16 bux and hour that I am getting to do this and It becomes a wonderfully entertaining job again :) It is nice to be on the phones and not have every single caller that I take being really and justifiably unhappy. That was what it was like at my old helpdesk job, I did nothing but deal with very unhappy people that thought I talked funny (they were from the states) This is kind of neat I get to talk to little old ladies and other charming people that truly think that I there to help them :) It is good times. For example the person that I just talked to had to assure me that she wasn’t angry with me at all.

I got a few emails back from models tat I emailed in past weeks, so I will email back and see what comes from them. I am quite excited because some of the people that I really wanna work with are the ones that emailed me back so I hope that our schedules will jive and that we can come up with something that works for both of us. I am hopefully going to get the GB’s Cd to them tomorrow as well I am excited to do more work with them and see if we can get something better. I am happy with the photos that we have thus far but I think that we can definitely do way better and get some great stuff. We will see if we can again jive the schedules :) I am excited to see what they think of the shots that we do have as well.

On another note I have to admit that I have been playing far to much 1942 with Roy and Mike. Oh ya Roy is in town to look for a home so we have been apartment shopping around for him, We went out to westlock and got him on Friday and we have been running around apartment shopping with him. It was almost like the apartment Gods wanted him to live in familiar places. One of the first apartments that we looked at was actually the first apartment that Mike P and I moved into when we first moved to Edmonton. The second place was the same apartment building that Miranda’s Mom lived in when she went to Uni. It was sort of neat to say the least. It also felt sorta weird to be apartment shopping again. It makes me realize just how fantastic our place really is. I am looking at these apartments and they are so.. well… apartment like. I guess what I am saying is I like my home. :) So I have just 2 more hours left to go and I get to go home :) This is definitely interesting this call centre work thing. It has been a long time and I find that I am really tiring to use old greetings and processes that I used to use at ConvergASS. It has been like two years and I have these things that I am tiring to say almost as though I am on auto pilot :). It will take some time to break old habits and make new ones. SO ya I think that I already yakked about this but you have to understand I am writing this blog over an eight-hour period in small two-minute increments. But I got some emails back from prospective models, some people are really interested in working together Very happy Indeed. I have been jonesing for a new photo shoot, it has been a long time I think that Erin was the last person that I had a one on one shoot with and that was simply a quick and impromptu thing. The house painting and X-mas and all that has sorta set me back little bit from where I wanted to be. But the equipment I will be able to get in the near future will really help out a lot. I am amazed at how fast time passes when I am writing a blog in-between calls. I mean it seams that I just got off of break a min ago. But it has been a half hour already and It will be home time soon enough. I bet you are all wondering what the point of this all is and I feel that I should let you all know that there is no point. There never was and as far as this post is concerned there never will be a point. I am simply rambling along to pass the time. If I had access to my laptop I would accompany a photo or two with this post But alas I do not so there for I will not. I think that I should be about due for a call soon so It is had cause I really don’t wanna get into any particular thought cause I know it is going to be interrupted and I am unable to hold a thought then.

(after phone call)

Ahhh ah I new it I was so right. So ya I am wondering what my next model based project will be I am thinking about getting a little more artsy and less glamour but I really like the glam. Ohhh decisions, decisions. I am also going to do a lot more still life and such. I got some ideas yesterday when we went to L’Paper (sp) on white ave. You see they have all these cool greeting cards that gave me a lot of ideas :) I really wanna do more black and white suit & tie in an odd local type stuff. I still really wanna do the B&W Enlarger thang… I am very excited to try this sorta stuff. I may just take a photography class at GMC and then have all kinds of access to enlargers and what have you. Try it all out, see what works and what I don’t know and take it from there. We will see. I am losing all that stuff that I learned about film from plain old disuse. IE: Miranda and I developed a single roll of film, and I had to really think and look up the mixes for the chemistry and the times and all that stuff It wasn’t all fresh in my mind. I also still really miss B&W. I miss it a lot. I however haven’t even begun to explore the possibilities of using red B&W filters on a colour digital camera. I have read that if in Photoshop you isolate certain colour channels and you shot the picture-using colour filters that you can come up with some fantastic results. I will see what I can come up with. I may go down to Classic Camera Exchange and see what he has there for my filter size. If memory serves me right he has a pile of filters of all kinds in a box near the wall.

My chair wont lock in the upright position. I am sort of un-comfy because I am leaning back and have nowhere to stick my feet up on. You see at home I have a foot stool under my desk and my feet are firmly planted on the stool as apposed to the floor. But it is either here nor there. I am simply just coming into the last hour stretch of my shift and I am looking for something to talk about :)
But I think that I am just gibbering and not really saying much so I will simply shut up now and read my email :)