Wow It has been a busy couple weeks! What have we done?

Art Film
Art Film is trucking along! Script writing can be complicated :)

While we put the finishing touches on art film, we pulled out a secondary longer film script. Blew the dust off, thought about it, and did some auditions! I am constantly amazed by he shear amount of talent here in this city! SERIOUSLY! All said we had a large number of folks come in and read for us and they were all pretty much amazing. Which makes our choices hard! but we will let folks know very soon!

Halloween Short
We filmed a quick short we are calling ‘First’ just in time for Halloween! You can watch it here! The amazing part about this was that we had an idea and hashed it out via facebook chat and then people showed up and we filmed it! That was it! Super quick and awesome. It was raining on the planned film night but we waited till the magical moment that the trains stopped making noise and the rain slowed down and filmed within then. People were Awesome!! as evident by this BTS cut.

What Would Jesues DO?
WWJ’sD is very nearly edited we are just seeking some outside help with the effects and cleaning up the sound. While that is happing Noah tossed together the Behind the scenes footage that we have in to this awesome cut of shenanigans. Teleporter We started filming on our short tele-porter and have basically everything we need for that except an awesome road trip! We were going to film all the scenes that required the road-tripping but on road trip day all the traffic cameras and weather reports said RAIN and rain and cardboard are not super great friends…. so we did what we could local and in my living room and we will road trip another day!

Unit One
Was invited to be submitted to a local filmFest so we will see what becomes of that!

Just a quick idea that I had that could fill in the space between. We had a script read planned and well works schedules intervened at the last moment so rather then do nothing we meet at a train station and started work on this. Completely run and gun here. there is no script just an idea and a crowded train :) more to come.

The Bridge.
The Bridge has been blocked and run though Just need a film day We had tentatively chosen last Friday and Sat for filming that but work schedules and the like means we need to push it forward again. Hopefully soon as the weather is going to increasing be a factor against us and I really Really wanna get it filmed. While in Alberta for thanksgiviner I started trying out a new storyboard program that “could” be quite amazing. Moviestorm Jury is still out on that but after figuring out the nonsensical controls and working out via trial and error how things like camera movements and people movements work I found it to be potentially quite a useful tool. The best part is it allows you to choose the end apect ratio and lens focal lengths alowing you to show what things will really look like more realistically. It’s suer hella hard to operate and the built in voice is well….

The Logo
We have this lovely Polka dot Rocket Logo animation that we made based on our logo but the ever idea filed Noah had this awesome idea of making it analog like and pretty awesome. so we did it. We spent many hours. at least 1/2 a bag of flour and many newspapers and such pilfered from the buildings recycling bin making all these planets and comets and moons and meteors . then many more hours setting it all up. and then we ran out of time so they stayed hanging in my studio for another week before we had the time again to really film it. Thanks again to all our lovely wives that really wanted to be home in bed rather then throwing handfuls of tinfoil and lighting things on fire. But it is essentially as awesome as it comes and Corbin gets a cool planetary system to hang in his room! an we get one more piece of movie memorabilia to add to our collection.

Other Stuff
I am meeting some folks about helping out with another awesome sounding SciFi project tomorrow morning! as well we are throwing our resources and support behind Allie for her bid of the Crazy 8’s film competition this year. She has a super compelling idea that is really really awesome. So we will be pulling together a pitch video and the like for that. We held some auditions for Infectus so there is fun happening there. Weekly meeting this Wednesday we will teach some folk about the gear and such to make the BTS footage awesome and people can try their hand at filming. We are soliciting ideas from street teams. SO MUCH STUFF!

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