So in case you didn’t know I am a huge Leica Fanatic! And Leica Is celebrating 100 years this year. For a camera company that is pretty ridiculous to think that they have been about making cameras and what not for a 100 years.

Seriously The first photograph was taken only 187 years ago but the first really comercial process of daguerreotypes weren’t really even a thing for another 10 years, and film like we know it today wasn’t until 1889ish. I mean other than Kodak I am not sure of any other longer lasting camera company then Leica.

To celebrate Leica has released a new 100% mechanical Leica M Rangefinder 35mm film camera!


This camera has nothing that it doesn’t need. Seriously not a battery, no light meter, not anything that isn’t essential. Which I totally take as film is not dead! Seriously Have you shot a roll of film this week/month/year/ever? Have you ever used a camera that didn’t meter? Do you even know about the Sunny 16? You only have two controls (technically three because you are still choosing the speed of your film but that isn’t really a dial or anything) Shutter from Bulb to 1/1000th and your aperture ring on whatever lens you have on.

They also announced a bunch of new lenses and made some old ones silver :)



To buy any of this will still set you back roughly the same price as a moderate hatchback car but FILM anew!





In fact this does a heck of lot less than the older Leica M7 in terms of features ETC.

BUT FILM IS NOT DEAD! Is the take away that I am taking :)