Ferries are interesting places, filled with captive audiences and overwhelming desires to be creative. I am not sure what it is about what amounts to water bound mass transit that makes me feel all inspired but it does. I would consider waxing on about the call of the ocean and boats being romantic areas of artistic exploration, but let’s face it I am on a BC ferry. A place that is all about cold hard cash and mass transit of people and goods. It is a boat that is not glamorous in the least and it totally devoid of soul, I am no way reminded of what it must have been like to hop on a boat bound for fame and glory in search of treasure and land for king & country all with no idea where you may end up, and a strong possibility of death..



I don’t take transit often but I get this urge of unfocused creative energy on most forms.. I assumed at first that it was because I had an uncommon stretch of time that I had no particular immediate and pressing task, but after reflection I can say that it isn’t it either. I am not sure really but it may have something to do with the weird infatuation I have with man made stuff I.e.: Architecture and mechanical wonders. I look at a boat or a train or a bus as being nothing much more then an inanimate metal model splaying itself out for me to take photos of. But I am a odd duck that way I guess.



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