So Last week you might remember that I had recorded a Song with EJ and Sam! Well here is said Song!! In all it’s Glory!

This whole evening was the result of a txt message at some ungodly hour from EJ asking…

Any chance you have time to help me record a song in the studio? I’m tryna do something nice for my best friend who’s coming to town”

Now EJ of course ment “record” the song like grab a couple of microphones and send it straight to 2 track. I took it as a let’s haul down all the lights and the camera to RECORD a song.

This video is the result of that miscommunication :) We fired down to the studio and set up some Audio Technica Large Diaphragm condenser mics and plugged them all into the Zoom F8. I went with the Zoom F8 as opposed to dragging a computer down and hooking up the multiple track audio interface and everything as it was supposed to feel like and off the floor. They literally wrote this song a few hours earlier while hanging out on the beach.

For the Video I shot with the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro. This was a little different than all the other things that we have shot in the Studio over the years as it was just one camera. In the past with New Music Monday or way back with my old band My Friend Lisa I would always set up a tonne of camera and shoot a single performance from Multiple angles.

This session was completely the opposite as we shot multiple performances with one camera.

This session was the opposite as we shot multiple performances with one camera. Meaning that we recorded them performing the song start to end from a few different angles and then I cut it together in post, but we didn’t play to a click track or film to playback. I literally got them to perform it till they had an audio take that felt good and then we called it good. complete with all the variance that comes from multiple performances :) If I get a chance I will pull together a video about how I did this quickly and easily in premiere.

I will do tutorial on how I did this multi-take song as a single camera edit. and Trust me It is not perfect to be sure, But with some time and Finesse you wouldn’t even be able to tell this was multiple takes at the song with out a click track or anything. For Now THE SONG!