Well here it is Tuesday and I am getting around to blogging. It would seem that I only blog at work these days. I have discovered that since I stopped frequenting Keegans as much the blogging went down significantly. I think that I am going to finally put an end to the beloved Keegans. The place just isn’t the same. I think that Donna quit, and they have unhooked all the plug ins that are in the place because of us freeloading degenerate laptop users. Darrel has hired all the grumpiest and bitchiest waitresses that I have ever seen. (and with all my years in coffee shops has shown me many a bitchy waitress) So I think it may be time to look for something new. There is many place that one can choose from but there is not a lot that are 24 hours. There is the Humpty’s (Shudder) and we have already tired that. There is Naked on Jasper, but other then that there is not much except the bars and what not. Does anyone else know of anywhere that is 24 hour in Edmonton? The thing with Keegans is I feel so betrayed. I have been dragging people there for as long as I have been in Edmonton, much to there dismay, I may add. I held all our cast meetings there and drug a shitload of people from work to do after work coffee. Not to mention that I have probably spent more money there then any other single place ever in my life. (I know that is sad) but alas all good things come to an end. Any suggestions form out there in blogger land.

So this weekend, we shot this wedding and had a meeting with another couple. I think that this wedding thing although very stressful is a good thing. It helps pay for things like the New Camera (I felt like Bob barker when I typed that A NEW CAR !!!! Man that guy is funny.) Yup you heard right I got a new camera. It became apparent that we need at least two cameras for these weddings and as apposed to buying another 10D we (Well really it was I) decided that it would be best to get a Canon 1D mark II

Uber nice camera with a uber nice price tag. It is so unbelievably fantastic that I am at a loss for words. I am going to do a bit of a write up about the camera later on after I have had a good chance to go though it thoroughly but as it stands right now it is freaking awesome.

2 thoughts on “Down with Keegans

  1. Nice work on the camera!

    Fuck Edmonton. There’s piles of 24 hour coffee pads in Vancouver. The Blenz up from our pad is 24 hours. Doubt they have laptop plugins though.

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