Another update in the spirit of an already super busy 2011.

After hanging out over night on a mountain in the dead of winter, I took off to the Dominican Republic for a week in order to hang out on a beach in the dead of awesome! It was a work trip so it wasn’t all beaches and Cerveza but there was some awesome relaxing/sleeping till noon/double deserts to be had. There were also some really great night photos to be had. My favorite part of this night was trying to explain to one of the resort staff what exactly it was that I was up to with a camera on the beach at 2am.  Explaining night photos can be a challenging prospect at the best of time, but this was compounded by the fact that the only Español I know is Cervrza? Por Favor? and his English was equally as good. :) But after some hand gestures and showing him the back of the camera I received an enthusiastic thumbs up and what I can only assume was ‘good job’ in Spanish :)

These were all reasonably short exposure times (under a minute) being that the digital noise would get a little out of hand after that.  I did try and shoot a 30 minute Polaroid exposure using my Land Camera and a elastic band to hold down the shutter button but that it would seem wasn’t nearly long enough for the reciprocity error of The Fuji FP-100 film for I ended up with a black frame. I shot a couple of frames on a Holga as well. We will see if they worked out better. once I am done the roll.

and palm trees don’t look so bad during the day either.

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