So I have rounded up all the ingredients for My first attempt at Caffenol C Film Developer.  What is Caffenol C You ask? Well in essence it is developing your precious rolls of film in Laundry Detergent and Coffee! Yup, Homemade, green-ish developer, for super cheap!

Caffeinol Fixings

This is the recipe I will be starting with (from the folks at Digital Truth)

Caffenol-C film developer
Water  8 oz (237ml)
Arm & Hammer Washing Soda 2½ tsp (level)
Vitamin C powder ¼ tsp (level)
Instant Coffee Crystals 4 tsp (slightly rounded, NOT decaf)
The Fixer is regular Ilford Film Fixer

I will be documenting this experiment in detail and I will let you know how it all goes. This is however nothing but a teaser because I doubt that I will have a chance to get to this till sometime next week.  Because it is a crazy weekend of awesome this weekend! It is Tanya & Barry nuptials day, where I plan on drinking heavily and groping my wife inappropriately in public. Perhaps I will make a drunken spectacle of myself by making some sort of heart felt slurred speech in which I profess nothing in particular over and over till someone (most likely my wife) hooks me with the proverbial cane and tears me away from the podium!

It will be fun! :)

3 thoughts on “My Caffenol Is Nearly Ready!

  1. oh reilly.. you always know how to make one giggle..

    wish i could be shooting with you guys…dang 1/2marathon crap… ;)

    ps – can’t wait to hear about the “greenish” processing too! :)

  2. @tracey Yup It will be fun and it is considered greenish because the developer is made of natural things and is not all chemistrish! The fixer is still bad stuff that I cant pronounce But half green is greenish right :)

    Wish you were hanging with us on a mother f#$%&king boat as well. Have fun killing yourself running some silly distance :)

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