So I am not one to usually advocate these sorts of things for they tend to fall into the realm of Crap and other useless BS, but I will promote this one.

Save Polaroid Film!! OR

Now I am not naive enough to think that sending 5000 or 10,000 signatures to Polaroid will make them reverse their decision to stop making something that isn’t making them money. They are a company not a socialist nation! We are talking instant film here!! A medium that provides inferior image quality when compared to even the most crappy cell phone camera! We are not curing cancer. (ironically I am sure this film actually causes cancer) we simply wanna dabble in old camera futility. But yet here I am toting this as something you should do. I like Polaroid film and Polaroid’s decision to stop making it doesn’t mean it won’t exist anymore it will just be expensive and hard to get. Fuji still makes pack film (in fact the Fuji FP-100C is far superior to 100 speed Polaroid film, but the black and white FP-100B sucks) and they should see the sales increase with Polaroid out of the market! Heck they may even expand their line (I doubt that would ever happen) The point is I can hope that 5000 or 10,000 or 500,000 of us can change the minds of some corp executives that make much more then I do, I just don’t think it is likely.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

4 thoughts on “Disco, Dinosaurs, & Now Polaroid.

  1. This makes me sad, as I’ve just recently gotten the photography bug, and very recently been addicted to an SX70 and a Spectra.

    I”m hoping the small professional market for Spectras will entice Fuji to make an instant film that will be compatible, but I’m not exactly optimistic. A Flickr Polaroid group member received a reply from Fuji that indicates they have no plans to drop packfilm, but no plans to expand what they produce.

    I am tempted to take out a loan to buy a fridge and a shit-ton of 600 & Spectra film. :(

    And a Polaroid 150 and some FP100C…but that’s on my short list regardless.

    Given the current mini-boom of film enthusiasts, re-enthusiasts, and toy-camera whores, Polaroid’s decision reeks of the brilliance that produced Pola-Vision…and clear Pepsi…

  2. hi! I just want to ask if the Fujifilm FP-100C is okay to put in the polaroid one 600 job pro? [the yellow-black combination camera] This camera accepts polaroid 600 type of films. please email me your answer. thanks! :D

  3. Hey Penny
    Sorry to say the FP-100C is a peal apart pack film that isn’t the same as the 600 type film :( The pack film is used in old Polaroid Land Cameras as well as film backs for medium format cameras. Unfortunately there isn’t any alternative films at this point the will help you out :( I would recommend going to and participating in the multiple projects that they have going on in an attempt to well Save Polaroid

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