Moo Cards

Yup I ordered some Moo + Flickr cards from Everybody seams to think that I am crazy to have bought one of each though! I dont get it. They are wicked printing! I was really expecting some diluted colour and spotty printing. I am very happy with the quality. I will have them in my camera bag so the next time you see me ask me for some MOO!

2 thoughts on “Did some one say Moo!

  1. Hello Reilly. Thank you for linking to my site.

    I think you and your wife Miranda were the photographers at my friend Christina’s (and Mounir) wedding.

    You should try the moo postcards too. They have free shipping if your place your order by today.

  2. Hey no worries you have some awesome work there so you deserve a link! Ahh yes Mounir & Christina’s wedding was awesome!! i loved all the plastic cameras and such! Keep up the good work!

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