Day 11

So after a few failed attempts to get everybody together over the last week we
have gotten together this eve and had an extremely productive session. I have
cast half the roles tonight

Maya is Cathy,
Martian is Tony,
Tammy is Judy,
Andrew is Bill,
Daniela is Lucy.

Andrew has also said the he may be able to acquire us an elevator for a weekend
which is very cool

It seams that we are starting to get the ball rolling, as people are starting to
get excited. I was worried about peoples levels of commitment at first but now
it looks as thought everybody is getting really excited and jumping in with
suggestions, and willing to stay late. The group is also getting a bit tighter
and far more accepting. In fact I was surprised to see that when I showed up 5
min late for today’s meeting that they were all there waiting and talking
amongst themselves. This is a good thing :) In fact martin who had never met any
of the crew was already introduced and chatting amongst them. It is good to see
that initial bonding, and that they are working well together as well.

So we have started to discuss characters and the life that they lead. I am for
some reason having a hard time relaying my character visions to the cast, It may
be the pure number and diversity of characters that we have to deal with I am
not sure but I am having a much harder time then with Emily for example. I am
sure that it will all come together though. I am very excited about the entire
project and can’t wait to get into things. I am going to start filming the brain
storming sessions we have and keep it for a making of type film LOL the extended
features of the DVD perhaps. I am also going to start working with Maya on some
story boards and such.

Daniela, Maya, Martian, and I are meeting this Friday to begin the long and
tedious process of Character development. I really have to get the shit together
for this as well.

However, I am quite tired and ready for bed so I will sign off with this my
incoherent rant of sorts.