Das auto and pure laziness

Ahh well I am sure that unless I spend some quality time with my laptop at Keegans over the next few days that this will be the last time a post for at least 5 days. You see I have 5 days off starting tomorrow so I wont have all this extra time to spend on blogging and such :) 5 days off is going to rock! It will give me loads of time to catch up on some things that are well over due for example I may be able to actually finish the website. (I mean that is only over due by seven or eight months) Plus there will be ample time to have a beer or two with the Tiger when he comes rolling in to Hellbera and graces the town of Edmonton. It should be good times. We are also shooting a wedding this Sunday as well. It is just a small wedding that should be a nice warm up, for the upcoming weddings that we have before and after our trip east.

About our trip east we are getting excited and we are putting the much needed money in to the golf. This Friday it is getting new Shocks/Struts and mounts, which will stop that nasty clunking that happens when the shocks are extended fully when turning corners. They have actually gotten really bad over the last while, grabbing a roof rack with one hand I can shake the car back and forth so far that the tires are literally buried in the wheel well. They are really that bad it is no exaggeration. They have been that bad for about a year and a half now and we have been lazy/busy and have never taken it in. We got a quote about it about two years ago. We are also getting the power steering looked at and fixed. I am uber excited about that. Because it has gotten really tough to steer lately, and it feels like I am going break the steering column or something when turning corners. :). Later next week we will get new tires and tint the rear windows and we are good to go :) The tinting is because we are going to crash in the back of the golf instead of paying for hotels and campsites the entire time. By dropping a bit of money into the tinting we are going to save a shit load when it comes to accommodations. Because even the cheapest of cheap campsites are 12 to 15 dollars a night and that would work out to 400ish dollars for the trip. Now we can cut that expense right out all together. That be what we call good times.

On a different note here is some shots from the triathlon that happened a couple of weeks ago (you know the day that the sky fell in the form of water and hail)

I didn’t get many good shots due to the weather and wha6t have you but I thought I would post some up here.

As well here is a shot or two from our Magazine shoot.