So I realize that I have been gone again as per usual but it would seem that I am having trouble in the post a blog entry at least once a week. I will however dispatch the usual apologies that exist in all but a few journal entries. I have been busy and I am afraid that the photo journal is low on the list of priorities. I should really just draft this as a standard apology and stick it in the beginning of every entry. In fact if I was better at the code I could build a Moveable type plug in that when you start a new entry it would pop up and ask the pertinent info and then post a polite little prologue to all entries. Any who I am blithering on about the same old shit. I am at (yup you guessed it) work, getting paid to chat at you all.
Both Miranda and I fell victim to a milder case of food poisoning on the weekend. It may have been the hamburgers that we had at the work barbecue fun day on Sunday. It may have been something else but we are not sure. Needless to say we were not really up to much yesterday, I slept for the better part of the day and most of the night and I am still feeling crappy.
But enough whining about my health :) We have been busy with other things as well over the last couple of weeks. We have been doing these crazy photo shoots for the South Asian Bridal magazine over the last few weeks with elaborate dresses and hair and Makeup done to the nines. It is has been good times to say the least I should have some examples of the shoots posted here for your viewing pleasure soon. On a totally different note last night when Miranda and I were feeling ill we rented movies, First one that we rented was Skarsky and Hutch, we rented it on the advise of a friend that said that is was funny. Well while it had its moments it was not that funny. The other movie that we rented was called Kitchen Stories (Psalmer fr?n k?ket) which is about a researcher that was working with a Swedish design company to observe the habits of people in there kitchens to help design a better more efficient kitchen. The researcher and the cantankerous old man that he has been assigned to observe begin to become friends. It also is intended to be a comedy, and again while it also had its moments it was not super funny either. (But it was much better then Skarsy and Hutch) Was a much better movie then most so I would recommend that if you have a free evening to rent it.