As you may have all noticed, I was not here last week. I was instead in beautiful & warm Cuba for Shannon’s Week Long Birthday Cuba Trip. This is not the first time that I have ventured to Cuba (it is in fact the 3rd) but it is the first time that I wasn’t there for work. Not having to constantly worry about camera gear/photos/shot cards/un-shot cards/not getting sick, hurt, or dead/offending the parents of clients with drunken antics/etc… make for a much more entertaining trek. I was also not on the internet in anyway shape or form for the entire week, which has not really happened….well…I was on the internet. I have obviously been offline before, but for a couple of days at most, & even then I would find a way to poke my nose in, if just for a second, and see what was going on. Not this time, this time I didn’t look at anything internet, social media, or even news related for the week. My phone didn’t really come of airplane mode & I didn’t even take a laptop with me.

Unlike Darren I had a completely culture free week of gluttony that has left me with a relaxed attitude and quite a bit of healthy guilt about my current life state. (and we all know that guilt always leads to positive changes, right?) As such I am going to blog some random photos about Cuba for about a week, but if you are looking for any sort of deep discourse on the meaning of life, Communism, art, or materialism, then you have come to the absolute wrong place. I just have some pretty pictures of stuff! No more and no less.  So here we go, a week of CUBA!!

Having spent the better part of yesterday in airports and on airplanes I thought I would start the Cuba photos off with the ones in from/of the Airplanes

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