Last night, Jenna, Mikala, Miranda & I all went out to the Open Mic at Corduroy in kits. We had a beer, played a few songs, (royally messed a couple of them up but it was totally ok) & had an absolute blast. It was a great stage and some unbelievably talented people came out. One guy we all agreed we wanted to be our adopted grandpa :) The guy Mike who was running it all was a super nice guy and couldn’t believe that this was Mikala’s first time. Mostly because she rocked it!!!

An Instagram of us playing (taken by the lovely miranda you know cause the jerk with a camera was up playing)

My uber talented friend Jenna Rocking out on stage

I can guarantee that we will be back! Hopefully I can convince some peeps from My Friend Lisa to stay up a little later on a Tuesday night some time! :)