So yesterday we got up at the bright & early hour of 6am and hopped into the Xterra to fire off to the great promised land of Alberta. Turns out that Corbin is a road tripping machine! We assumed that we would have to do the normal 12hour drive over two days due to frequent stops to feed and change and to perhaps just hang out. However, we managed to feed and entertain and still make it in 15.5 hours :) AWESOME! Anyway everyplace that we stopped and hung out for a bit I wandered about taking photos of ditches, gas stations, and road side turnouts etc..

Should be called empty beer bottle land! instead of wild rose country :)

Corbin's First Road Trip - Leaving!

Corbin's First Road Trip - On the Road

Yummy food stops and those gates that let wild life back into the fenced in areas.
NO Skateboarding and road side garbage :)

Corbin's First Road Trip - Hanging at a Gas Station

Well Hello I am cute.
Roadside textures and signs

We made it just in time for an 11:11

Corbin's First Road Trip - 11:11 :)