We are part of a CSA again this year. (For those not in the know CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which means that we buy a share in the crop that comes from the farm and once a week we get a lovely box of whatever is ready to eat that week.) The CSA that we are a part of this year is Glorious Organics, and having been part of a csa in one form or another for 15ish years I can honestly say that this one is the absolute best! A++++ Would Buy Again :)

Having both grown up on farms but now raising a child in the city, M & I really want to make sure that Kiddo has a strong connection to farming and where food actually comes from. As part of that today we drove out to Aldergrove with Corbin to visit our food and partake in the harvest dinner, and as you can see from the photos the kid had a blast!






Chickens were a pretty big deal! :)




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