I am preparing to leave a 5 hour binge of coffee. I have to say that I am a little wired, which is not something that I am so used to. You see I have been drinking such copious amounts of coffee for so long that I rarely get wired on caffeine. One may say that I am immune to the effects due to over consumption. However, I have been out of practice with the coffee drinking and what not over the last few months, so today I am beginning to get a little wired. As such I switched to apple juice about a half hour ago. There is a lot to be said for coffee places that provide free wifi and plug-ins (not something that us small town Albertans are really used to). I have spent the hours at coffee working on my webpage (no not this one the other one) I hope to have it online sometime soon! I keep having to remind my self how to do things when I am working on it because it has been so long since I had a lot to do with design. :) It will look a lot like the page that is there now but filled with stuff. It also may be an interim page because I am not really happy with any of it, but such is my nature. Any who nice day and photo wandering may be in order.

4 thoughts on “COFFEE!!! Oh and Wifi as well

  1. I couldn’t sleep last night and ended up at the Grind on Main at 1am. Place was busy, and the counter-guy was rocking to some old school country folksy music.

    They have free Wifi as well.

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