Well Movember is over and before I permanently shaved off the Mo I thought I would take some photos. Now being that it is highly unlikely that I will grow another mo before next year I felt it best to take a lot of photos.

This is shot in front of the studios new chalkboard wall. Yuppers I have painted a small wall in the corner of the studio with Gods gift to fun home renovations. Chalkboard Paint!!

I took so many photos that had more then enough to put together into a little stopmotion/timelapse movie

So November was a month of big ambitions and projects, but now that the month is over and done with, how did I do?

I managed to keep up and maintain with my NaBloPoMo goals all month.  I will admit there was about five or so posts that were token ‘look i have posted something’ cop out type of posts, but I am happy to say that I managed to post some sort of content for most of it. This was the easiest of my November goals because like I said before I blog nearly everyday in the winter anyway!

This was a complete failure in every way shape and form. I didn’t even get close to rocking out as much as desired/required to work my way though this.  It really sucks because this is one thing that I was really looking forward to doing.  I am going to instead make up my own December version of NaSoAlMo  Maybe I will call it ‘JerkDecNaSoAlMo’ or something.

The Studio Renovations.
All was perfectly on schedule with this! Areas of my floor and part of the brick wall still need some love and attention, but I am other wise pleased with how everything has turned out.  You should see it with all the walls painted and photos up everywhere. (photos of the spaces to come sometime)

scenes form a movie
This is still only a concept as I have had way to much on plate the last little while to go ahead and rock on with this. I have faith that it will be done soon and be awesome.

Well I actually grew something that can legitimately be called a mustache. I didn’t think my face was capable of such things, but it would seem that it was. I am glad that I did it, but I can not begin to tell you the number of times that I nearly shaved it off!!

Fashion Shoots, The Big Surprise, and other Projects
Totally remiss in all of the above here.  Again the lack of time and the need for sleep made for all of this getting kicked to the wayside.  December we hope!

3 thoughts on “Chalkboard Jerk

  1. I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you about the kimono/scenes from a movie. Just let me know if you still need my assistance. It would be fun to pose for you. :)

  2. For sure! I am trying to figure out my scheduling and such, but I will so take you up on that! I some how ended up getting slammed this month! Thanks so much for the offer!

  3. I love the chalkboard wall, we had the same in our old house, though it was hard to get it perfectly clean. I suggest keeping a can of spray chalk paint for in case you need to do some quick touch-ups.

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