I came across this Kickstarter campaign for CENTR: Interactive Panoramic Video in the Palm of Your Hand!

Seriously this is one of the coolest things that I have seen on kickstarter in a while! There is an intersactive video example
Now I all know that you have an extra $300 kicking about to get one of your very own of these! So Empty out your wallets for these guys!




My favorite part of this is it is on board with the trend that is saying screw these original formats and perspectives. lets capture our world in new and exciting ways. I find it hilarious that to this day most print/display products are stuck in 1932. Seriously the next time you look at interesting frame or LED light boxes they are often stuck with formats that are 8×10 or 16×20 but yet for the most part camera’s are shooting 8×12/16×24 etc.. Anyway give em money because I want to see this camera become commonplace :)