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IOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot & Eye-Fi cards

For anyone that watches my flickr stream may have noticed that I have been doing a bit of a photo project for the last year or so.

Live photowandering.

Yup I walk around like I am apt to do with my camera taking photos of things, but instead of bringing them home & lovingly placing them in the vault that is my computer. (You know where they will never be seen by anyone ever again) I  can instead directly upload them (un-edited) to the internet.  How do I do this you ask? Is it  magic? is it some sort of ridiculous expensive camera technology that only pro’s could dream of affording? Nope! It is all done with my Eye-Fi Card and my iPhone. I say this like it is super easy to do and as of now it really is easy. However, it wasn’t always this way. Live uploading has been really a complicated process up till now. I have gone though a few different ways to do this over the last year or so as the programs and the tech have slowly caught up with what I want to do.

The first way involved a Laptop as an intermediary device which was heavy to carry around not to mention that Macbooks go to sleep when you close them.  Then with the introduction of MyWi & a jailbroken iPhone I could do away with the laptop but the battery life of my phone made it only viable for really short walks, even with the iPhone 4 it ate battery  life like it was delicious potato chips.  I also found that despite being built to multitask I found that MyWi would only really work if it was the active program, so I was constantly fussing with my phone. I also needed to use the specific Eye-Fi Cards that can upload via Ad-Hoc networks for both of these methods.
Now Apple has made my life super easy with IOS4.3 Thanks to you Apple for Personal Hotspot.
Thus far It is working flawlessly and is super battery friendly to just have the personal hotspot on most of the time and upload as I go.  I will hopefully be free to do some walking this weekend/next week watch the flickr/twitter to follow along.

Wandering Some Richmond Ruins

So a while back Coaxial & I went on a trek to collect his Delica from the Delica master mechanics in Richmond. Now I could have easily driven the awesome Xterra directly to the body shop and collected up his vehicle, but where is the fun in that. We instead took the train to the casino and walked the 15-20 blocks though random industrial Richmond. We found the complete ruins of a couple large warehouse type buildings :)

Richmond Ruins - Garbage Can Barrier

Richmond Ruins - Power Boxes

Richmond Ruins - Coaxial Silhouette

Just a day trip to victoria

We went to Victoria for the day.

Here is a laptop lady on the boat that took us there.

Sneaky photo of laptop lady :)

These are the seats that were empty


This is the gate that prevents us from leaving the boat prematurely

Bc ferry Gate

This is a chair on the beach in Victoria

A chair on the beach

This is the sidewalk at the ferry terminal

Side walk at night

This is the boat we were waiting for all this time unloading.

Long exposure of the boat emtpying

This is the boat that took us home.

ferry deck

It was empty for the most part

Ferry Deck

This is the place where the man that is driving the boat hangs out.

Long Exposure of the cabin

This is the boat on it’s way towards my home.

Long Exposure of the ferry moving though the ocean

That was my day drip to Victoria.

In other exciting news I have a new all encompassing photo project that I am planning on releasing to the world. Perhaps tomorrow being that it is of some sort of calendar significance. no promises however!! I am calling it the 4440project

Ford Falcon

This part of my current Eye-Fi project. (for those that are not in the know I am doing an Eye-Fi Project where I upload Photos that I take as I take them) This is a van that is nearly always parked on my coffee walk (the walk I do to get coffee)



It is awesome! I have to say that I have taken a tonne of photos of it. over the last few weeks.

I am still tired! I touched on it quickly the other day, but We (By we I really mean M) have been crazy busy prepping for our talk at ImageQuest yesterday. wiped I am. So I am going start a new project, but I am not going to talk about it yet because i r still busy & tired. soon. right now it is Breakfast time!! Amanda is in town so we must entertain her with coffee!!